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    Line of thunderstorms defining a weather front viewed at sunset.

    The Earth scenes that continuously came over the horizon proved to be addictive. After a few weeks, we each could tell what part of the Earth we were over not by time, map or land mass outline but rather by the colors, patterns and textures of land, sea and clouds. Earth became known like the face of an old friend.

    Living and working in zero gravity also became addictive. Once we accepted that everything had to be restrained, and it became a habit, the 3-D freedom became enjoyable and useful. One night while looking out a window, I felt the sensation that the space station had a heart. That is, the structure that I was lightly holding onto with my fingertips pulsed at a rate of about 50 beats a minute. When I gripped harder, the sensation ceased. I smiled as I realized that it was the blood pulsing in my arm and fingertips that gave me this sensation. I learned later that it is called the ballistocardiographic effect.

     There are only two options regarding commitment:

    You’re either in or you’re out.

    There’s no such thing as life in between.

    – Anonymous