ReachREACH   Edward G. Gibson

ISBN: 978-0-9837234-0-0 Publication Date: March 2013 Book Type: ebooks File Type: pdf File Size: 6.4MB Genre: Novel

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This highly-celebrated space techno-thriller is now available in eBook, updated and superbly illustrated with paintings by Michael Carroll, award-winning space artist!

  • Authored by one who’s been there, Edward Gibson, co-holder of the 21-year, American record of time in space of 84 days
  • Crafted skillfully where real people and real astronauts challenge an adversary born of the cosmos yet chillingly familiar to us on Earth, an antagonist that has replaced accomplishment with dreams, mission focus with process and castrated our human reach into space.
  • True, we did win the first round, but our adversary has taken the second. The bell for the third is about to ring…

What others have said: Michael Collins, Astronaut, Gemini and Apollo 11 — America’s 1st Moon Landing

  • “A first-rate space adventure… a page turner!”

 Alan Bean, Astronaut, Skylab II and Apollo 12 — America’s 2nd Moon Landing

  • “Ed Gibson was an astronaut with the Right Stuff. It’s apparent that as an author he also has the Right Stuff. In most books I’ve read, the astronauts think and talk like Hollywood actors. Not so here; it’s a pleasure to find characters who think and act like REAL astronauts.”

Thomas Paine, former NASA Administrator

  • “A magnificent glimpse of outward-bound humanity in the twenty-first century that could only have been written by a space explorer who’s been out there on the cutting edge and has personally experienced the future.”

Joseph Allen, Space Shuttle Astronaut

  • “Gibson writes novels the way he flies spacecraft—with precision, enthusiasm and good humor… along with flat-out, rag-chewing suspense. Sign me on as a crew member on his next outbound journey.”

Walter Shirra, Original 7 Astronaut; Mercury, Gemini & Apollo 1st Manned Mission

  • “Gibson takes the reader on a journey 50 years into the future. I really enjoyed the trip!”

 Kirkus Reviews

  • “REACH fascinates not only with its futuristic space-adventure plot but with its authoritative, fully enthralling evocation of what space travel is really like. An inspiring achievement.”

 Publishers Weekly

  • “An interesting and often provocative blend of techno-thriller and science fiction, Reach reflects Gibson’s years of experience at NASA. Gibson is an author to watch.”

 5 of 5 stars – A great new concept in high-tech terror!

  • Alien life is NOT friendly and peace-loving, but neither is it evil. It is simply, terrifyingly, ALIEN. “Reach” swallows one in a universe both otherworldly and familiar – the more so because the logic of it is inexorable, the conclusion inescapable. Good treatment of scientific/technical issues, while scaring you to death. A fascinating, new conception of first contact

4 of 5 stars –Space exploration from a space explorer!

  • Gibson does a very nice job of creating a new type of villain. I found his explanation of black holes to be the most clear, and the best for laymen. Nice interplay between characters. Author uses his 84 days on orbit on America’s first space station-SKYLAB (not Mir!) to bring a sense of realism to the voyage.

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