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    Presentation to 3,200 members of the Institution of Engineering and Technology
    at their Annual Black-Tie Dinner in London.

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    Leadership Lessons Learned from our Flight to the Moon and The Heart of Leadership

    Using examples from the early pioneers who set the stage and spearheaded rocketry development, the political leader who inspired a nation, astronauts who met the challenge and dynamic heroes on the ground who enabled success, Ed brings to life the essential leadership qualities of vision, courage, mission focus, competence, respect, empathy and trust.

    The Adventure of Spaceflight

    With startling images, verbal clarity and touches of humor, Ed takes his audience through liftoff, space walks and re-entry to live in a world that only a minor number of humans have ever experienced. He puts each audience member into the astronaut’s mind and body to enjoy his thoughts, sensations and emotions. His intriguing presentation not only describes our early dynamic strides into space and honestly considers our current faltering steps but also predicts our future outward migration by hundreds, then thousands of space travelers.

    Motivation through Management Excellence (video titled “Future in Space”)

    As Ed describes the triumphs of America’s space program during the Apollo era, he identifies seven basic qualities of management excellence that can, even by themselves, highly motivate a workforce and compel success. Ed’s presentation is enriched by his humor and ability to creatively put the audience into the spacecraft to experience liftoff, space walks and re-entry. With an insightful perspective into America’s opportunities in space, he demonstrates how management excellence can enable the U.S. to regain its leadership in space utilization and exploration.

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    A ship in the harbor is safe; but that’s not the reason ships are built!
    – Anonymous