Books: Reach

    Author: Edward G. Gibson

    ISBN-13: 9780553285413

    ISBN-10: 0553285416

    Publication Date: 4/1/1990

    Book Type: Hardcover

    Publisher: Spectra

    First-rate space adventure written by a Skylab astronaut. In 1974 Gibson had spent 84 days in space, more time than any other human. This space duration record lasted for 21 years as an American record.

    Books: In the Wrong Hands

    Author: Edward G. Gibson

    ISBN-10: 0553295675

    ISBN-13: 978-0553295672

    Publisher: Spectra (April 1, 1992)

    Book Type: Paperback

    Joe Rebello, a high-spirited astronaut from the World Space Federation, risks his life to penetrate a remote lunar laboratory where genetic experiments by an unconventional genius constrain the future options for humanity.

    Books: The Quiet Sun

    by Edward G. Gibson

    Hardcover: 330 pages

    Publisher: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Scientific and Technical Information Office; 1st edition (1973)

    Language: English

    ASIN: B0006C7RS0

    A technical (mathematical, physical, chemical) analysis of the characteristics of the sun by Dr.  Edward G. Gibson, a NASA astronaut. Dr. Gibson was the science pilot on Skylab 4, the final manned visit to the Skylab space station, which was launched November 16, 1973 and ended February 8, 1974. At its completion, it was the longest manned flight in the history of manned space exploration.

    Books: The Greatest Adventure: Apollo 13 & other space adventures by those who flew them!

    by Edward Gibson (ed.), Association of Space Explorers, James A. Michener (Foreword)

    ISBN-10: 0947068198

    ISBN-13: 9780947068196

    Publisher: C. Pierson Publishers, 1994

    Essays from the space explorers of 8 countries and over 160 photographs detail the wide range of experiences encountered: preparation for flight, living without gravity and directly viewing our planet as a celestial body but they reach further to define our unquenchable urge to explore, our savoring of the experience and our next surge outward.


    Books: Introduction to Space: The Science of Spaceflight

    by Thomas Damon, Edward G. Gibson (Foreword)

    ISBN-10: 0894640658

    ISBN-13: 978-0894640650

    Publisher: Krieger Pub Co

    Edition: 326 pages Hardcover

    Considers why astronauts are weightless, what satellites do and why they don’t fall from the sky, how we will live on Mars, and whether or not there is life elsewhere in the universe. New and expanded subjects include the latest concepts in propulsion, high resolution images of Earth from space, debris in orbit, Mir and the International Space Station, exploration of the Solar System and beyond, disturbances in the space environment, and much more. The book is profusely illustrated.

    Books: The Universe And Beyond

    by Terence Dickinson, Edward G. Gibson (Foreword)

    ISBN-10: 1552979016

    ASIN: B0058M7W7E

    Series: Universe History of Art and Architecture

    Categories: General Astronomy

    Softcover, Firefly Books Ltd

    “The Universe and Beyond is a celebration of the spirit of exploration. It is a majestic voyage to the most distant realms we can see and imagine. Prepare yourself for a great adventure!”  – Edward G. Gibson, Astronaut, Skylab 4

    The book includes the most recent astronomical discoveries and events using imaginative astronomical illustration in addition to dramatic photography from the Hubble Telescope, probes, and the largest observatories on Earth.


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