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    Crew of Skylab III

    Crew of Skylab III: Jerry Carr, Ed Gibson and Bill Pogue

    It was my good fortune and honor to fly with Jerry Carr and Bill Pogue on the final mission to the Skylab Space Station in 1973. As Americans, we are proud that we set the world record of 84 days in space. It was also an American record that lasted for 21 years. In our time aboard Skylab we gained valuable information about our home planet, our sun and our own bodies as we adapted to our home of zero gravity.

    If you are interested in having me support your event, I’d be most happy to work with you to see where I can add real value.

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    Ed Gibson

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    Ed Gibson, a true American hero and expert speaker, brings a fascinating background, a wealth of speaking experience, and captivating insights to every dynamic, spaceleaders presentation.

    Astronaut –   84-days in space, an American record for 21 years, aboard the Skylab Space  Station and performed three spacewalks
    Leader       –    25 years of innovative business leadership
    Executive  –   Diverse executive and program management positions
    Scientist   –    Ph.D. from Caltech and 14 years of ground-breaking NASA research
    Author      –    2 novels, public & scientific articles, and a highly acclaimed textbook

    Adventure of Spaceflight

    For Ed, space became a normal way of life. He was at home as he glided over Earth at a serene five miles a second, lived months without gravity, traveled 35-million miles and watched Earth’s features become as familiar as the face of an old friend. With startling images, verbal clarity and touches of humor, he puts the audience into an astronaut’s mind and body. Soon they too feel at home as they experience liftoff, zero gravity, space walks and re-entry. He effectively conveys a crewperson’s sensations, thoughts and emotions as they meet the challenges and joys of spaceflight.

    Edward Gibson

    Leadership and Management

    When President John F. Kennedy challenged our nation to go the moon before the decade was out, an intense development and application of highly effective management systems began. The basic principles that emerged are straightforward, compatible with common sense and as applicable today as they were when Ed was immersed in Apollo and Skylab.

    With insight, enthusiasm and humor, Ed illustrates how the success of every mission to the Moon and the Skylab space station relied on the vision, courage and mission focus of program leadership. In this golden era of human space exploration, high levels of competence, mutual respect and trust became the norm. For over a decade, the challenge and exhilaration of lunar landings and operation of our first space station drove workforce motivation to unprecedented heights.

    The leadership and management wisdom Ed presents is directly applicable to current business or public efforts. Potential results include a more enthusiastic workforce, higher sales, lower costs, greater productivity, enhanced operations, superior safety and improved communications and education.

     As appropriate, Ed balances leadership, space adventure and management in each of his SpaceLeaders presentations.

    Only those who risk going too far… can can possibly find out how far they can go.

    –  T. S. Elliot